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Nobody's new experience - No one restaurant

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-25
Experience new food science and technology, today with you to get to know new experience - no one No one restaurant. About no one restaurant, you may be the most understand ma no one restaurant, or no one restaurant haidilao. But today I take you to experience a market of the restaurant. No one is I contact more, for the moment technology are ok. First would have been in the door of face recognition screen, need to do information authentication, the only need to do a certification, can directly after the door of the face recognition. Into the shop, after can be ordered in self-service order on board and checkout, this is more convenient, and operation is very simple and the operation of the mobile phone APP. After the completion of the order, I can see my order message on your screen. Then I can take meals on the table waiting for notification. When I take food, can according to the prompt in the smart to sweep yards off the meal on the ark. And then my meal time, after the completion of the meal can directly out. The whole process of experience is very good, all are their interaction with these technology products, nature is full of the feeling of science and technology. In the restaurant dining process is very smooth, more suitable for today's young people to experience. So no one new experience is officially ended today, very good.
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