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Now nobody is the operation mode of the food and beverage?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
No one restaurant have already began operation in many parts of the constant, the operation mode of the but no one restaurant in many people's vague. No one restaurant is actually use existing in the traditional pattern of food science and technology products instead of providing services for you order, the main dish, the cashier staff, etc. About the operation mode of the unmanned restaurant, today with everybody to know about the author. Now everyone more common no one restaurant, is actually has been keep the kitchen staff and cleaning staff. But in front of the attendant has largely replaced by technology. Now no one restaurant operation mode is mainly as follows: 1, using intelligent entrance guard system, bear no the security work of the restaurant, to ensure the normal operation of unmanned restaurants; 2, the face recognition system, verify the identity of the customer information, can assume no one restaurant and intelligent to go out into the activities of advertising push; 3, self-help order machine mainly undertake the customer order and cashier's link, to help customers can get better service and better after a meal will be passed to the kitchen, after the payment will be synchronized to restaurants unmanned systems; 4, station to station display screen can understand food progress, convenience of our customers can inform the customer to take food at the same time; 5, smart take cupboard for take dinner part work, waiting for the customer self-service take food; All of those links is no restaurant in the operating system, from the door, to the entire process of meal and have dinner. The operation mode of the unmanned restaurant can satisfy the customer normal dining activities, reduce operation cost a large amount of manpower, increase intelligent application scenario.
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