OEM/ODM is what? Why need to OEM/ODM kiosks industry?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-25
ODM/OEM is in today's production of the era of globalization increasingly appear high-frequency words, today with the information you learn about these two words and represent two kinds of ODM production mode, namely the Original design manufacturer ( The original designer) The abbreviations. Is a manufacturer according to the specifications and requirements of another manufacturer, product design and production. By the delegate has design capability and technical level, based on the authorization contract products. OEM, that is, the Original Entrusted the abbreviation of Manufacture, refers to an enterprise which is dedicated to accept other brand production requirements for production, commonly known as OEM, standard complete set by the Original manufacturer. In the economic globalization today, the two kinds of mode of production development has become a necessity. Both ODM and OEM, are important ways to provide OEM, and with the development of the market, can according to customer demand for personalized design of ODM business also increasingly showed its superiority. Large and complex, self-service terminal market demand is protean, no single product can meet the needs of all, for every enterprise to design and development for own needs to separate is obviously unrealistic. This time, the ODM/OEM manufacturer reflects his value. Information self-service terminal production research and development experience makes it able to accurately grasp the technical requirements of customers design and production, thus fulfilled the requirements of customers. Information of the main customers include: Fujitsu, NEC, zte, industrial and commercial bank, construction bank, industrial bank, agricultural bank, social security, easy to many international top 500 company and domestic listed companies, etc. With agile and efficient solution design, planning all project team members to develop tracking, can provide customized machine shell, and the software design, integration, and the internal manufacturing, advanced project management/product life cycle, remote management and on-site support over the years, in the industry of self-service terminal services for global customers with unparalleled experience. In short, we will be very easy to achieve your custom. Through custom OEM/ODM, customer greatly saves the time and cost itself, greatly promoted the industry competitiveness.
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