Operations through how to improve operation efficiency by self-help order machine?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
Buffet catering industry order machine is a very high-tech self-service equipment, customers enter the restaurant to order, check out at the same time data transmission to the kitchen. Points after a good meal will be ready to sit down and wait for, order the self-service machine achieve rapid order, payment, catering, room process, to help customers improve dining experience. Not only that, but it also has the following functions: 1, alleviate the waiter ( The cashier) On the pressure, the attendant for liberating the time, in the meal on the follow-up service for the customer, etc. Help to improve the service quality, stimulate consumption, increase enterprise benefit. Order 2, through the self-service machine to order the release of pressure, to a certain extent, reduce the number of waiters needed to hire, decrease the cost of restaurant industry. 3, self service order machine through the electronic menu instead of traditional paper, reduce costs and facilitate real-time update and management. 4, high-tech self-service order helps to promote the class restaurant, improve overall operating efficiency. 5, self service order machine can set advertising model when no one touch, brand publicity, promotional items, feature set, discount, etc. 6, on the payment interface, can set membership payment functions, automatic focus on business when customers in the consumer WeChat public, merchants can carry out marketing activities, and a member of the center on WeChat ID, affiliate, top-up and integral can be achieved, at the same time WeChat ID is also in the process of the order and delivery platform entrance. Brand introduction: the integration of science and technology to create new intelligent mode, custom solutions, and provide one-stop intelligent hardware products including self service order machine, intelligent take food cabinets, electronic menu, self-service register, snarling series equipment and cancel after verification.
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