Outbreak, how to use self-service checkout, self-help order lower

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
Affected by the epidemic, many retail food and beverage brands also opened for the high low-end positioning of stores, to cover more aspects of the customers. Such as parity or tea milk tea shop 'happy little tea, is aimed at a mid-range consumer food and beverage and retail outlets, populist price, low operating costs is the characteristic of them. Will prices low, also means that the need to reduce costs from various aspects, especially the human cost. A lot of food and beverage outlets use self-help order machine, self-help, sweep the yard order system and so on the cash register, cashier and order required to reduce costs, can also through the smart cash register to speed up the efficiency of cashier, increase the rate of turn table. Haidilao also launched in Beijing restaurants' 18 poach 'main buffet meals and self-help cashier check. Customers can choose by their own plates wanted food and toppings, and then through intelligent plate, automatic scanning and food prices, customers pay to use their phones to sweep yards, complete self-service cashier check. Allegedly, using self-service checkout system, a 80 ing square meters stores, 42 seats need only five employees. choose food ordering and self-help, self-help can by customers to complete checkout, save the labor cost of cashier and waiter. In addition, the selected dishes is a state of semi-finished products, as long as the simple food to the table, and simplify the chef's workload. Ordering machine through a variety of self-help, self-help, therefore, the cash register, smart smart devices such as the cash register, can reduce the operating costs of the store.
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