Outbreak of automatic temperature monitoring terminal

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-24
Epidemic prevention and control, in the action! Face the infrared temperature detection one terminal available! Application scenario - The main entrances and exits, intelligent temperature all-in-one device personnel intensive place, for indoor channel type, when the entrance guard impassable, such as real-time monitoring, temperature testing personnel traffic monitoring temperature data voice when sound broadcasting. In access control attendance, capable of carrying monitor screen, real-time face monitoring personnel in and out of body temperature. Brush face temperature measurement features, basic infrared thermal imaging technology, using imported wide dynamic camera, infrared sensor and 2 million in 0. 3m- 1 m distance for face recognition and acquisition of human body temperature, surface wearing a mask as applicable, better to prevent cross infection. Products to prevent high temperature setting warning threshold, when the monitoring to personnel more than the warning threshold temperature, immediately start voice alarm mechanism, prompt transmission risk, effective guarantee health, effective prevention and control the outbreak. Product support data network upload function, can be temperature detecting data form form, and capture as real-time upload background and WeChat push to their appointed management personnel, for tracking query.
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