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Restaurant better life wisdom

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-31
Restaurant has already begun to popular wisdom, although not a particularly advanced, intelligent degree relative to no one restaurant, but the degree of popularity is very high indeed. So today is to know about the restaurant is how to better life wisdom. 1, the wisdom of the restaurant mode restaurant why is wisdom restaurant now? In the first place in our daily life, according to the pattern of frontal restaurant is the need to see before meal card order, one person one, and the attendant beside alongside waiting for you. Such consumption patterns will be a little less freedom, the first is the inadequacy of order and the time is very free, followed by after completion of the order to the front desk or call the waiter checkout to leave. And relative to the wisdom of the restaurant, now you only need to be in your seat, using a mobile phone code scanning order, can also direct checkout. Or you can directly order in self-service machine order directly, you can also choose to pack or sit-down. Wisdom restaurant of the whole process is relatively free, when you finish the single can wait for the waiter sent food to your table. 2, wisdom, the restaurant's changes the wisdom restaurant is now springing up in China, not only make our life more convenient, but also brings us a new model of order, to make our lives better. At the same time also promote the progress of the catering industry, speed up the technology and the fusion of life.
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