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【 Reveal 】 Self-help order which function for cinema to implement cajas self-help you will sell the ticket machine operation method

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-30
For hospital self service stand-alone, self-help in LAN, shenzhen, guangdong | machine, manufacturers, suppliers, equipment, the problem such as the price we have to understand, that on which features to implement 'self-help order cajas self-help for cinema will sell the ticket machine operation method you? '? To estimate a lot of people are still not familiar with, today we are familiar with ^! One: the system achieve kiosks ticketing system is using computer network and terminal equipment, to achieve customer self-service order process of integrated information system. Set a self-service ticketing terminal in the restaurant, customers can query dishes, brush, bank card and cash payments ( Optional) , pay treasure to pay, WeChat payments, Internet take food. On the one hand, greatly facilitate the customer order and order from peak hours queuing, saving customers time, on the other hand, can reduce the working pressure of the restaurant staff, restaurant save human resources, improve the operational efficiency of the restaurant. Function 2: summary of system function this system is the collection of cash, the unionpay, alipay, micropayments one terminal. Cash module adopts imported machine core, collect money change fast, high recognition rate and high safety. Features three: data transfer process after the customer confirm the order information, brush card to pay, after the credit card does not need customer input amount payable, but directly increase the amount of the order data information sent to unionpay; Kiosks to receive after the transaction information, automatic startup receipts to print program, otherwise unable to print receipts; Notice the ticket information management system server at the same time. After confirmed the order information, customer choose alipay, WeChat payments, the system will generate a qr code, swept with the mobile phone customers guest code and confirm the payment of self-help, self-help order which function after the success of the pay system to implement cajas will print out the ticket. You maybe interested in the article:' ^ new 】 Self-service ticketing system product advantages of self-service top-up payment machine why shenzhen Jue cinema self-service ticket sales and taking in every theater as you can see, it also plays a huge role, brought a lot of convenience to people. Then specific exactly how to operate it? Believe in the use of cinemas self-service ticket sales and taking process you know already, is the first ticket online, and then to the cinema on the buffet to sell the tickets to collect the tickets, ^ by after viewing, process is very simple, we are now talk about the buffet to sell the tickets for its concrete operation. When you will book tickets online, you will receive a verification code, the verification code is to collect the tickets of proof, have a plenty of in the form of text messages sent to you on the phone, or on your booking platform can display, no matter where, collect the tickets needed is the verification code. When you were in the cinema, you can self-help to sell the tickets to the cinema on the operation. Just click on the screen touch the keys you can collect the tickets, and then enter the code will pop up interface, at this time, you need to put the verification code entered just now, click ok and then directly in the ticket ticket at the mouth. The self service for cinema ticket sales and taking operation is introduced, the problems of the method you will have help for you? If any help, please continue to pay attention to our shenzhen, guangdong | machine, manufacturers, suppliers, equipment, prices, hospital self service stand-alone, introduce!
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