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【 Reveal 】 What hotel self-service terminal system characteristics for the theater self-help you will sell the ticket machine operation method

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-30
You for self-service terminal system characteristic 'hotel what self-help for cinema ticket sales and taking action method? ' would you understand? Intelligent technology co. , LTD. Guangdong today to introduce you to is that content, hope everyone in this article, can what are the characteristics of hotel self-service terminal system content has certain knowledge and understanding of, the following let's look at some of the related introduction: hotel self service system adopts new self-service room, room reservation card, information query. Its fast, convenient and safe operation, which completely changed the past hotel guests have to go to the front desk check in intricate process. The whole system has a standard hotel management software function on the basis of easy to operate, convenient for the principle, into the ^ new self-service consumption concept, and designed a set of suitable for rapid development of modern hotel industry information management system. ( 1) High commission hotel competitive advantage, increase the income of business: hotel through a lot of members of the development, expansion and the effect of stable customers, to improve the hotel competitors, bring income to hotel management. ( 2) Shorten the hotel investment payback period, reduce the management risk: a lot of membership card is dealt with, the stored value, help hotel withdraw large sums of money in advance, so as to shorten the hotel investment payback period, reduce the management risk. ( 3) Reduce desk service personnel, reduce the hotel operating costs: due to the hotel customers, most of the self-service self-service terminal to the hotel, greatly reduce the workload of the desk, so that the front desk staff to improve the quality of service, improve customer satisfaction, at the same time hotel can also reduce the front desk service personnel, thereby reducing operating costs. ( 4) Simplify procedures: reduce the guest check-in registration, reservation, check-in at the hotel consulting, etc. The guests to the hotel self-service terminals, according to the prompt operation program, namely can be finished within 30 seconds reservation, check-in, continue to live in. To achieve fast check-in, no stay. ( 5) To protect customer privacy: the hotel after the application of self-service terminal system, especially for the guest housing consumption, self-service terminals when operating on the guests to the hotel, no hotel staff is present, the whole process time is very short, guests can do not to we know not how to self-help, hotel self-service terminal system features which greatly protect the privacy of the guest. More attention: self-help order vendors would share with you the advantages of self-service order machine cinema self-service ticket sales and taking in every theater as you can see, it also plays a huge role, brought a lot of convenience to people. Then specific exactly how to operate it? Believe in the use of cinemas self-service ticket sales and taking process you know already, is the first ticket online, and then to the cinema on the buffet to sell the tickets to collect the tickets, ^ by after viewing, process is very simple, we are now talk about the buffet to sell the tickets for its concrete operation. When you will book tickets online, you will receive a verification code, the verification code is to collect the tickets of proof, have a plenty of in the form of text messages sent to you on the phone, or on your booking platform can display, no matter where, collect the tickets needed is the verification code. When you were in the cinema, you can self service to sell the tickets to the cinema on the operation. Just click on the screen touch the keys you can collect the tickets, and then enter the code will pop up interface, at this time, you need to put the verification code entered just now, click ok and then directly in the ticket ticket at the mouth. Is outlined in the above points about 'hotel self-service terminal system characteristics what self service to sell the tickets for the cinema machine operating methods would you? ', believe that saw the introduction of this article, in this respect will have their own understanding, according to the characteristics of the hotel self-service terminal system after what problems can be solved. Here, we recommend that you know more about shenzhen, guangdong | machine, manufacturers, suppliers, equipment, prices, supermarket cashier terminal system and other relevant information, hope to help you!
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