Scenic area self-help to sell the tickets system open a new era

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-05
With the development of intelligent city, wisdom tourism also gradually entered in the line of sight of people. And wisdom tourism cannot leave spots self-help to sell the tickets system. Scenic self-help to sell the tickets system can give a full play to the superiority of the computer system management, the ticketing related data is complete, accurate, and be clear at a glance, daily business management and project decision-making for the user, to provide accurate data in detail, in order to realize scientific management to provide strong support. Scenic self-service sale now collect the tickets system has become an important part of digital scenic area construction, is the development trend of modern enterprise management. Flexible ticket class Settings: scenic spot self-help to sell the tickets system can custom all kinds of medium of tickets, tickets, tickets, the period of validity, number, etc. ; Version and has a unique ticket design features, can be defined by users themselves, and modify each kind of ticket printing format, for the long-term or short-term changes in the marketing strategy to provide technical security. Multiple tickets: scenic spot self-help to sell the tickets system support barcode real-time print the ticket, the activation ticket card card, non-contact IC card, RFID, speaking, reading and writing, speaking, reading and writing, fingerprint acquisition, portrait capture, the second generation id card recognition and so on many kinds of tickets, and can through the ticket management center, flexible configuration, can achieve a variety of tickets for compatible coexist in the same system. Flexible ticket release rules: scenic spot self-service sale from ticket system can be flexibly set each channel release ticket, according to the practical application need channel layout and management, implementation of tourists; Can easily achieve YuanZhongYuan management, ticket management, second in management, etc. Customer management function is perfect, the scenic spot self-help sales unit, travel agencies to collect the tickets system agreement contract management for clients such as unit, given different discount, and unit sales to customers accurately record and statistical analysis, for the fine management of scenic spots, stable customers to provide accurate data. With a year ( A season and time card, month card, etc. ) Member management, local residents in management functions. Scenic area self-help to sell the tickets system effective to eliminate the fake tickets, tour guide scalping the economic losses from the bad behavior to the user, the user interests. Self-help and scenic spot to sell the tickets system specification of the ticket, the check-in process, improve work efficiency, enhance the management level and the image of the user. Scenic spot self-service ticketing terminal can be selling the tickets system, background management, data analysis and report output functions such as integrated via the Internet, which can realize the online booking ticket, offline collect the tickets, CARDS, prepaid phone, query, print and other functions, can be timely monitor the ticketing, using data collected from the background analysis, can help to improve tourists experience, increase their income. Through the Internet connection, can connect different spots, realizing attractions combined ticket, ticket sales, at the same time, also can be used as one of the attractions and tourist communication channels, provide attractions information query, opinions and Suggestions, feedback, etc. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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