Scenic area self-help to sell the tickets system to replace manual ticketing

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-06
Just after the Mid-Autumn festival, another peak - National Day is coming. When holidays came during the peak tourist time, more and more problems followed - Visitors lined up to buy tickets is difficult, the conductor workload is too big lead to poor attitude, tourists and the communication difficulties between the conductor and so on. In order to solve the above problems, the scenic area in the tourist attractions in the ticket office installed a set of computer technology, network technology, communication technology, intelligent automation technology in the integration of interactive devices - The scenic spot self-help to sell the tickets system. Through the scenic self-help to sell the tickets system, online booking tickets for tourists will do not need to the ticket window lined up to collect the tickets to the scenic spot, simply enter the code through the self-service machine or by id, qr code can be fast to get tickets, only seconds to the whole process. Because have unionpay function, the scenic spot self-help to sell the tickets system can not only meet the demand of now pay users to collect the tickets, can also satisfy the self-help pay, to pay for the user's site need to collect the tickets, thus may receive a peak time greatly shorten the tourists in the scenic spot tickets, and collect the tickets waiting time. In addition, self-help to sell the tickets system providing personalization tickets for tourists. Scenic spot self-help to sell the tickets system has steady and fast cash payment system, can replace the traditional manual charge mode, placed in a scenic spot ticket office, can replace the conductor, or increase the charging channels, on the one hand save JingFang artificial cost, on the one hand, also convenient for tourists, without waiting for the end of the line, all unmanned intelligent. Scenic spot self-service sale can also collect the tickets system docking network distribution platform, expand sales channels, convenient passenger ticket. Can provide large data analysis for the scenic spot, the tourists source with machinery, age and other information for data analysis, scenic spot ticket sales and activities more targeted. In addition, scenic spot ticket kiosks selling and taking can provide micro electric business platform for the scenic area, scenic spot for tourists to tour, scenic area near query, scenic spot product booking and other value-added services. The introduction of the new self collect the tickets system of scenic spots, to solve the current domestic scenic spots are widespread queuing problem and after booking the ticket online, it is difficult for the majority of tourists provides a more efficient, comfortable experience of scenic Tours, effectively guarantee the quality of tourists. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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