School canteen can also use the self-service order

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
We always poking fun at school at school such as bad, especially the canteen meals, aunt canteen ladle dish to shake a few times; Eat a meal, eighty percent of the time in the queue, looks after the embarrassment of the order was packed. 。 。 。 。 。 But when we will miss his Alma mater after graduation. I think this is the charm of school! With the development of the society the progress of science and technology, the school dining room for improvement? The answer is yes, now a lot of dining room to improve the students' dining service, set up a relatively perfect order system solutions, the author in our order system, for example, to share with you the advantages of the system function. One to rice point, many students became a problem in line to eat, in order to solve this problem our company independent research and development a set of intelligence order system, efficiency of ascending order, students are no longer there was a long queue in the dining room waiting. When the specific how to operate? Students in self-service order machine screen choose their favorite food order, payment, order the system will docking kitchen, received notice can arrange cooking in the kitchen. This process in the kitchen making and break traditional order backward process, promotive greatly enhancing the efficiency of dish. This way of ordering become a trend in the catering business also. Of the integration of science and technology to create a new mode of smart restaurant, custom solutions, and provide one-stop intelligent hardware products including self service order machine, intelligent take cupboard series equipment, electronic menu, snarling and cancel after verification. With the rapid development of science and technology, believes that the future of the restaurant industry will be more automatic and intelligent. order system also will continue to upgrade, let your canteen restaurant walk at the forefront of age!
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