Self-help cashier, 'liberated' the cashier

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-29
No retail mainly meet what problem? 1, the 'people' customers in and out of the question. No one supermarket under the ultimate goal must be in the customer's recognition of the merchants of profit maximization, want to let customer can happily in already, and he happily. All no one supermarket, and now have a large customer don't know what to do that at the door, is to download the APP, or sweep the qr code, whether to register, whether to make a pile of 'operation', here is doomed to a group of customers' off ', or 'retreat'. Then it is done 'into' problem, 'a'? Whether to do a lot of time after the 'action' and 'confirm', start again, isn't it on the device after discovering just dig in the mobile phone? These are the merchants of big problems. 2, 'goods' labels and security issues. Cargo security problems may be no retail technology at the core problems that the goods how to store and how to bring out into by the client, there are many technology companies in thinking, discussion and exploration: identify the shape of the goods, bar code, or stick a RFID code again? When the goods are then brought out again how to identify the payment has been, is a difficult problem. 3, 'a' market acceptance. The above two questions is already doomed sales scenario, if the above two problems do bad, no good application scenarios and consumer scenarios. By the above issues and natural lead on the following business concern: 4, the user is to promote the experience or reduces the experience? 5, merchants are saved human or increase the manpower? 6, the businessman is to improve the plateau effect or reduces the plateau effect? Science and technology since the new retail I have been thinking about this concept was put forward, and the actual product to verify the acceptability of the market. We believe that no one retail is a trend of the future, can to try and explore the tech giant, but the future is still in the future, accept no retail businesses and customers still needs a long period of time. In the present people more and more precious time, human is more and more expensive situation, new retail priority is to solve the problem of saving manpower and save the customer's shopping time, conditional to solve the problem of the comfort of shopping scene. Under this kind of judgment, tech self-help settlement system, through the self-help settlement units' liberation 'cashier. settlement system is how to 'liberation' cashier workers and businesses increase? A pressure, saves the manpower savings artificial cashier, reduce queuing crowding, greatly improve the speed of cashier. Both in supermarkets and convenience stores, can reduce the manpower cost: for supermarket, assuming that the original ten match 10 cashier cashier mouth, now you can just keep two artificial cashier mouth, eight other mouth can be replaced by self service cashier mouth, with two guards can employees, which can save a total of six cashier human; For convenience, the original need two cashiers, now only need a can, customers long artificial and self-help cashier simultaneously, when the cashier can completely tally on the premises or replenishment, let the customer self-service settlement. Second, the operation is convenient customer just need two steps to complete the shopping: the first step and code of goods, the second step and yards mobile payment; Flicking decoder code fast accurate, customer goods replace the cashier scan code, customer and finished goods, need to use mobile payment code on the self-service equipment 'drops' once completed payment, not only supports WeChat pay treasure, and support to pay complete equipment will automatically print out shopping receipts, be clear at a glance. Three self service, easy management system for the new retail, developers have adopted a minimalist management interface, practical function is very convenient and powerful, not only have tens of thousands of common commodity library catalog, different vendors need to change the storage quantity and the unit price, set up the terminal can use immediately, and in view of the chain stores have a head office and branch management mode, head office can see the store operating data and make a detailed statistics, stores can also carry out various marketing activities or member of management. So the self-service checkout system can not only help stores to realize digital customers, also can cancel line pay link, improve the efficiency of store cashier settlement, reduce labor costs, enhance consumer experience, is the real application and spread of new retail model. New retail and settlement patterns, and this seemingly simple but actually reached the 'liberation' cashier and for the purpose of workers businesses increase!
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