Self-help gets to main functions

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
Self-help gets to is a kind of simple, natural, practical new human-computer interaction equipment, mainly realize self-help to handle business. Sort is more, the touch gets to buffet, it combines computer technology, network technology, audio technology, multimedia technology, industrial plastic arts, modelling is novel, elegant, is often used in electric power industry, service industry, hotel industry, etc. So, in the life, touch self-help gets to what are the functions? 1. Touch query touch self-help is this gets to the most popular thing, like mobile phones, users to read through the touch screen to the public information query, query and the style of the page follow the principle of neat and tidy. The query system interface also make full use of modern multimedia technology, illustrated, beautiful background music and dynamic picture can be offered to the user in a visual and auditory double enjoyment. 2. User role management users can be directly on the touch screen to achieve the role of administrator and ordinary users management. All page file that the administrator can edit, modify, and implement all gets updated in real time, ordinary users can only be authorized to modify the content within the scope of authority. 3. LAN Shared the self-help gets to the page file content can be Shared by LAN, complete self-service printing. In Banks, for example, the user can using their identity CARDS and bank CARDS to self-help gets to print the laundry list, credit card, report printing, pay cost, greatly reduce the burden of the staff. 4. Query content updates self-help gets into the local update and remote update two kinds, the local update is on this point to your content updated; Remote update is the user can through the console gets to the content of all unified remote update. 5. Beautiful buffet gets to often using surface acoustic wave screens, anti scratch, screen less reflective, sliding speed, the advantages of long life is that it, secondly, streamlined appearance also has the very good affinity, and the time feeling. With the rapid development of electronic machine, self-help gets stable are gradually applied to every aspect of our daily life, study and work. It due to the high cost performance, custom design, strong adaptability to environment and has been widely applied. To sum up, no matter where people go to work, as long as the all-in-one touch query inside the hall, and then gently with fingers touching the screen, people can see the information you need.
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