Self-help information scenic spot to sell the tickets machine power tourism experience to upgrade

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-05
'Twelfth five-year' period, the fast development of tourism industry in China, the industrial scale continues to expand, more perfect product system, optimizing the market order, the added value of tourism and related industry share of GDP is 4. 33%, and gradually become a new growth point of national economy. According to official statistics, in 2016 China's tourism industry to the national economy comprehensive contribution of 11%, and the world's average level. Tourism revenue is expected to reach 4, 2016. 69 trillion yuan, 13 year-on-year growth. 6%. The author affirms the achievements, but also clearly recognized that tourism development still faces many serious challenges, there are many problems to be solved. Mainly include: the tourism market order problem has not been fundamentally solved, tourism market, a mess in some places tourism toilet could not reach the requirements of tourists, need to buy (lines Take) Tickets, etc. ; Also has the very big disparity with the international standard, of dirty, disorder and poor phenomenon still exists. To line up to buy ( Take) Ticket, for example, holidays, queuing to buy tickets, and collect the tickets had been the troubles of the many visitors. In order to let visitors can happy travel, many tourist attractions scenic area has been installed self-service ticket machine, visitors without queuing, directly enter the code on the scenic self-help to sell the tickets, qr code, or id card can be quickly removed before booking tickets. Have learned, at present most attractions scenic area use self-help to sell the ticket machine is made by the r&d and production information self-help, self-help information to sell the ticket machine to provide unattended self-service, self-help to collect the tickets, self-service ticketing, consulting service to a body, the human-computer interaction, not only alleviate the pressure of peak scenic spot cash box, and is the most main is for the majority of tourists provide a more humanized and convenient services, reduced the amount of time visitors, standing in line to buy tickets from ticket cost, convenient for the masses of tourists. The traditional manpower ticket management, is in the scenic area entrance guard, the tourists in present purchase paper tickets to the scenic spot staff, staff according to check the passenger ticket information status, can only be confirmed after enter the scenic area. Because the process is too cumbersome, check-in speed is very slow, tourists stranded, 'long dragon' waiting is everywhere, tourists travel experience is poor. And the staff in a large number of human check-in, eyes and brain to be highly concentrated for a long time, often appear the fatigue phenomenon such as 'dizziness eye mask'. Self-help information scenic spot to sell the ticket machine can meet the demand of the scenic spot more than 90% of the wisdom, the most basic function is to replace traditional box office visitors self-service ticketing, not only to save labor costs, also reduce the stress of scenic spot ticket, for tourists queue time, save the ticket and ticket of convenient visitors quickly into the garden. Some scenic spot self-help to sell the ticket system, charge of barrier-free access is built, to satisfy the needs of travelers for tickets, also greatly improved the working efficiency of the scenic spot, reduces the risk of cash flow, realizes the scenic area of the digital management of science. In the future, self-help information scenic spot to sell the tickets machine will provide the general self-help tourists travel more convenient, more preferential the wisdom of travel services. The previous hotel kiosks, rounding
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