Self-help intelligent device power consumption again

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
Since the country began issuing coupons, government encourage everyone to go out consumption promoting the apparel industry, food industry and so on industry economy. The masses of people all have the chance to go through the full access to coupons in the form of reduction, while get preferential to stimulate economic recovery. In the process of we use coupons, similar to self-help order machine, self-service register this self-help intelligent equipment has played a big role. Today the author talk about self-help to everyone how smart devices power consumption to restore. In our surrounding vouchers issued by the form is the form of electronic coupons, you can through the mobile phone, smart wear equipment will automatically deduct payment. In many supermarkets are self-service register, customers can shopping in the supermarket in self-service buffet settlement on the cash register. Whether through scan code or face payment and so on way to complete all over the reduction can use coupons, more convenient. And self service is the cash register in the form of a buffet, can avoid contact with others too much, this is also very accord with the epidemic. In order our food industry is also a self-service machine in power consumption, again, of course, this is little not the role of electronic coupons. Now it is already used to the life in our self-help order used in the machine, especially the fast-food chain McDonald's, KFC, etc. Also we have used many merchants and self-help order machine, let us have a more convenient way of order. At the same time, we also can through the form of a variety of payment, more convenient to use electronic coupons. Now self service intelligent device can adapt to the mode of payment, now more and more people begin to use smart devices as a preferred mode of payment, fewer and fewer people use cash. So on the use of coupons have more and more people use of self-help intelligent device, it is also shows that both self-help cash register, or self-help order machine is have a certain market.
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