Self help keep repeat order machine power restaurant

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
When it comes to self-help order machine order, we also not strange, now at the restaurant business will have self-service order machine. Customers just in order to order the machine, then use mobile phones and payment code, efficient and convenient way of ordering, saves the customer order queue length, also don't have to worry about no waiter served waiting, more and more customers through the self-help order machine order, payment has won the acceptance of many businesses. Smart devices - - order machine, efficient ordering cashier efficiency advantage of the 1 of food and beverage. Consumer experience, reduce restaurant manpower cost compared to traditional order, efficient and convenient self-service order machine, self-help order in the cashier without intervention reduce restaurant manpower cost efficiency, and can also improve customer back repast rate. 2. Near the store brand publicity, intangible promotion cost saving when no one touch, self-help order machine can play restaurant meals, make dining-room obtained the very good publicity effect, especially for those who lack awareness of store is open is an important step in the consumer market. Virtually to save the cost of promotion, solve the high cost of store promotion 'pain points'. 3. Improve the management efficiency is perfect for customer service tool, is a powerful management tool for trade company. order system dinner can help stores to collect user information, such as customer habits of order and order food, according to the customer taste for precise procurement, reduce unnecessary waste. 。 。 。 。 。 Order system powerful data management capabilities for the operation and development of the catering industry has an important role in promoting. 4. Attract repeat customers and new guest self-help order members support merchants set up a perfect system, it has a very strong attraction to repeat customers and new. Customer after complete the payment, membership can be automatically identify trigger deduction of consumption, consumption share polite, etc. , realize the loyalty points to exchange goods and deduction consumption amount, second stimulus spending. Why the traditional model can't make money, because the environment has changed, the user has changed, the information age is changing our life. order has slowly become a trend, as a food company, if you can't keep up with the trend, you know.
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