Self-help order machine, a good way to improve the restaurant here

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-29
Self-help order machine, a good way to improve the restaurant here in repast peak, fast-food restaurants waiters hands are full, we can often hear customer urged: 'the waiter? How come so long, still can't order? 'Waiter, I didn't point this dish, the wrong! 'complaints and lingering in the ear to hear the customer, the waiter is hurry-scurry, sometimes from the kitchen to confirm, or through interphone urged the kitchen, or in a panic to the customer order, etc. For consumers, go to a fast food restaurant eating just want to hurry up food to eat, to the point of meal restaurant people a lot, but very little waiter, then you need to wait for a long time the waiter didn't have time to say hello, but also because of hungry again for dinner. Efficient and orderly order for restaurants serving is to improve the customer experience is important one annulus, is also one of the important factors that increase the rate of restaurant turn table. For this' hands are full of restaurants is how to optimize? Have so a machine self-help order machine, changed the traditional restaurant order mode, customers can order through the self-service machine order, order placing self-help WeChat/pay treasure payment, after the completion of the order machine printing window would be 'out' a small notes, ( Customers with receipts credentials) to the counter to receive a free meal , order after order machine data will transfer to the kitchen, the fast ordering, payment, catering, room process reduces the service personnel as busy and lead to the problem of low order let the waiter to spend more time in the service, efficiency DiGaoDian meals out of food. Self-service restaurant keep regular order machine, there are many ways to attract new customers, we often see some new unique style restaurant, also see renovating old restaurant chain, and the introduction of the self-service order machine is one of them, may not be able to let customers look stunning, but will make customers feel good restaurant experience, a good way to improve the restaurant here.
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