Self-help order machine break traditional restaurant operation mode, let dining-room profit doubled

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-29
In food industry, we all see the market is very broad, thought open food and beverage industry is very good to make money, but easy to drive, operation, how difficult is the restaurant profits up, don't look down upon the little traffic, once lost the restaurant's profits will be greatly reduced. In fact, the restaurant business wasn't better, most of the restaurant service and environmental impact. Such as ordering a meal in a restaurant menu cluttered or stained with besmirch, pick up the guest is very fat. 。 。 。 。 。 The customer went to a just don't want to go to the second anymore. 'frequent change the menu, and a chunk of the cost; Another is in the periods of peak dining, customers line up life slowly, hungry customers unavoidably mood be agitated, experience moment to '0'. So, as a food and beverage managers how to grasp the traffic of the restaurant, let dining-room better business together? Self-help order machine building smart restaurant, the following benefits let dining-room profit doubled 1, self-help order instead of the waiter, the restaurant saves the human resources of traditional ordering process includes trival order, catalogue, printing process, wasted a lot of time as a waitress, using self-service ordering system, order through self-service terminals, data transmission to the kitchen. Achieve rapid order, payment, catering, room and other processes, liberated the waiter workload, can help reduce 1 - restaurant 2 manpower, reduce labor costs. 2, self-help order machine save customer order time, increase the rate of restaurant turned Taiwan customers to the store without having to wait in line for a long time after, directly in the self-help meal order machine, orders submitted after hutch synchronous print, you can wait for serving, the entire process to save at least 7 to 10 minutes of dining time, restaurant turn over rate also rose. 3, reducing marketing cost in discount, festival marketing, quarterly dishes adjustments to reduce paper printing cost, merchants can real-time dishes according to the actual situation adjustment. 4, self-help order system to realize the unified intelligent management buffet restaurant order system and order the restaurant's self-help equipment real-time synchronization, the boss use APP or PC background view restaurant management report, operating payment detail, merchandise sales rankings, enters sells saves the management, and other functions. Of the integration of science and technology to create a new mode of smart restaurant, custom solutions, and provide one-stop intelligent hardware products including self-help order machine, intelligent take food cabinets, electronic menu, self-service register, snarling series equipment and cancel after verification.
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