Self-help order machine has quietly become the mainstream of catering sector order way

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-01
With the rapid development of current science and technology and economy, all kinds of high-tech products have been unknowingly infiltrated every detail of our lives. Like self service order machine, self-service ordering system through the accurate control of the microcomputer, powerful, flexible, high stability, a two dimensional barcode printing/activation, the induction card identification, print bills, bank card and identification, password keyboard, such as equipment, touch screen LCD interface can be set freely multilevel menu according to business demand, flexible printing content editing, real-time statistics production report, due to the unique characteristics with the device itself, automatic ticket machine is not only in the napkin industry, at the railway station and cinema, all kinds of consumer place has a wide range of applications. Nowadays the development of science and technology, let the way we buy tickets also more and more, it also creates new revenue model, also for our film industry has injected new blood, and the current development situation of cinema market also can let our cinema self-service ticket machine development more rapidly, the use of these devices will get more customers recognition.
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