Self-help order machine, improve customer loyalty

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
In life met such a thing, you see customers into your restaurant, the customers do not order instead left again, actually we often encounter this kind of circumstance, not because the restaurant the rice isn't good, also not because the restaurant's price is too high, but because there are too many people in the restaurant line, customers dining due to the time is longer, so the restaurant if there is a self-service order machine, taking a long time for problems will be readily solved. order machine, can replace service personnel in order for the customer, the customer is waiting for a long period of time in order without ever, independently operating self service order machine can easily complete the order and payment. Greatly reduces the waste of time, more let customers in the process of experience experience good human-computer interaction. Restaurant turned Taiwan efficiency determines the turnover of the restaurant, the restaurant's rate of turn table dining speed by the customer, so using self-service order machine, customer order time is fast, so naturally dining time is shortened, but the restaurant's turnover increased.
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