Self-help order machine, let the customer enjoy intelligent experience

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-29
Catering is a circle, people want to come in from the outer circle, circle of people want to go out again! Each line has a line of bitterness, catering, of course, too! In previous years, this paper introduces food, order, serving, invoicing, everything all want to committed himself to the waiter, a bit lazy stole all may not. A to the meal time, busy faint head turned, some wrong single, leakage point is the norm. Meet customer has a bad temper, the attendant will be complaints! Now, the dinner dishes, don't have to waiter, the check to the operation, but with the self service order machine to complete! Restaurants can save half of the human, again busy, also can be orderly! So, let's take a look at, restaurant buffet order machine is how to operate? 1, customer order in order machine touch screen, will choose good dishes, collect order machine next to take food, the table setting number input, 2 when order is confirmed, you can use WeChat or pay treasure payment code, just self service order machine scanning window with a brush, successful completion of the payment; 3, after completing payment self-service order machine automatically print out receipts; 4, then consumers pay receipts ramadhin on the table, waiting for the meal. This process customer order efficiency and optimize the restaurant's service quality, restaurant and reduce labor costs. Buffet restaurant order equipment changed the traditional order mode, both can eradicate the artificial fault single, leakage phenomenon, can not only shorten the customer waiting time, also can let customers know the member information and enjoy member benefits; Intelligent enjoy perfect experience.
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