Self-help order machine will become the darling of the catering industry

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-29
In recent years, in the food industry under the background of rapid development, the restaurant industry competition intensified, the merchants in order to retain customers continuously creative with new dishes, such as for member discount activity. But I still can not fundamentally solve the restaurant industry peak dining at a slow pace, customer experience is bad, the trouble of restaurant management. Where there is demand there is market, so-called self-help order machine equipment should be to be born. order system is also called intelligent ordering system, which are characterized by convenient touch order. Don't wait for the waiter order, customer order in self-service machine can finish dishes before reading, orders, payment and other operations. Repast order phase time of the process, repast efficiency was improved. On the other side of the business also tasted the sweet, the meal peak, a waiter can control multiple seats, a waiter enough restaurant owners don't need to use conditions and anxiety. Want to run a good restaurant, with the aid of self-help order machine to enhance the user experience, and promote the restaurant is also a good choice. The customer order through the self-service machine hd display can be more intuitive to see food information, learn more, to avoid misunderstanding. Dishes in addition to appear on the screen of the order from the outside, in the process of waiting for food buffet restaurant order machine will play propaganda, exquisite advertising figure, such as the new dishes visually stimulating customer attention, integrated brand information. order machine in addition to this, the restaurant also can through setting the special background, seasonal vegetables, real-time update menu. Compared with traditional restaurant, save production and the cost of replacing paper-based menu, a single input hardware, can have a buffet, cashier, take-away, members and enters sells saves the application function of self-help order system, restaurant management more convenient and efficient. The emergence of self service order machine, needed to more fully covered the restaurant management. Plight cost in the enterprise today, self-help order system makes restaurant saves labor costs and not lost should have the basic conditions, the restaurant industry has gradually reached a consensus, in the future to smart restaurant transformation is an irreversible trend. The improvement of service quality, marketing model of diversity, become the future of the restaurant. order machine as an important representative of intelligent restaurant, will become the darling of the catering industry in the future.
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