Self-help order system, driver catering industry marketing promotion

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
According to last year's food and beverage, according to China's catering industry revenue accounts for more than 3. 9 trillion, continue to maintain double-digit growth over the previous year, up to 10. About 7%. As self-service order for deep penetration of the catering industry, catering industry 'online and offline integration development situation. So, self-help point what function change catering industry state tableware? Intelligent ordering system effective utilization of self-help order machine, snarling screen, self-help take food such as hardware, dining-room front-end hardware and software, after hutch and online system and perfect fusion, from the self service order to growl and self service meal, full digital automatic transmission, promote the intelligent dining experience! And self-help order on the software function, it has the function of data analysis for a long time, operation and management of the catering industry is relying on experience, more difficult to have data can depend on, the emergence of self-help order system, customer order in self-service machine order placing feedback to online consumer behavior can form data, analysis of these data for merchants to provide more business decisions. Ordering system, at the same time, self service business online, offline membership information and consumption data from all channels and real-time dynamic presented to catering businesses, further help catering businesses use big data to improve operational efficiency, reduce operating costs, improving consumer experience. Used in the system is applicable to western-style restaurants, fast-food restaurants, chain stores and other food and beverage industry.
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