Self-help supermarket cash register operation of 10 o 'clock

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
When we go to the supermarket shopping, often see at the cashier register, and register the biggest advantage is that can help the cashier to improve work efficiency, but many businesses at the time of application, don't know how to be more safe use self-service register, in order not to know to avoid the wrong method of use and suffered damage, leading to not work properly. So, the author to introduce self service operation on the cash register to pay attention to matters! 1, the location of the supermarket cash register buffet place is best, plain and neat and mesa cannot shake. 2). When there is failure, self-service register shall be immediately cut off the power and stop using, please do not disassemble or repair without permission. 3, please pay attention to use the same as the chassis nameplate marking after the power supply voltage, otherwise the machine will be seriously damaged or doesn't work. 4, avoid too high or too low temperature environment using self-service register, avoid self-service register is exposed to strong sunlight or high humidity environment. 5, self service cash registers and other high-power often start electrical share a socket, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. Power outlet should be located in closer from the self-service register and easy call waiting, so that emergency can fastest cut off power supply. 6, in power grid with poor quality or store, shall be equipped with regulated power supply to power a self-service register separately. 7, clean smart cash register, please don't use wet dishcloth or chemicals to wipe the fuselage. Such as thinner, gasoline, etc. 8 do not contact with any liquid, to ensure that the self-service register, once this happens, please immediately pulled the plug, and immediately notify the related dealers. 9, if the battery replacement undeserved cause explosion hazard. Only use manufacturers recommend the same or equivalent type substitution. Be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions disposal run out of battery. 10, self service location near the cash register can't there is a strong magnetic field, or prone to voltage instability problems. For self-service register operation note here today for everyone to share, I hope it can help you!
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