Self-service check-in machine quick check-in

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-21
Many hotels and large hotels now use the self-check-in machine, which has opened a kind of intelligent management. Some people may not be very familiar with this equipment, but everyone must have experienced the check-in and check-out procedures at the front desk of the hotel in the past. Sometimes you have to wait in line for processing, but the situation is different with this equipment. Picture: A real shot of a hotel using a self-service check-in machine. Now customers can directly go through the check-in or check-out procedure on this self-service check-in machine. The device supports self-service card issuance, reading ID and other document information, UnionPay card transactions, and online room selection There is a card issuing machine inside the device, so customers can apply for the room card by themselves, without the help of staff, the operation is also very simple, there will be operation prompts on the interface, even the first use can be completed quickly Check-in and check-out procedures. After installing the self-service check-in machine, the hotel has improved the time-consuming problem of queuing for procedures, and provided customers with two ways to complete procedures quickly.
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