Self-service checkout of improving customer shopping experience and reduce operating costs!

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
Today's society, rising labor costs and unusual physical stores rent, and people are lining up for shopping takes longer more intolerable. Face these problems, the business owner should be how to improve the supermarket shopping experience and reduce operating costs? The birth of self-service register, meet the needs of customers at the core. Experience first, self service pay, exempt from line, will also help supermarkets, convenience stores and other improved operational efficiency. ' cashier' mainly solve the following three problems: 1, reduce customer queuing, payment time, improving customer consumption experience; 2, convenient self service pay settlement way, let the customer as the cashier role, reduce the cashier cashier personnel in the periods of peak shopping pressure; 3, reduce operating costs, reduce the human cost of expenditure; 4, self-service checkout system can remotely via the customer payment for goods sales ranking, turnover, and customer preferences, member statistics analysis data, can manage the goods, at the same time instant sales queries, reconciliations, data analysis, to the goods corresponding adjustment. Second, self-service checkout clearing process is as follows: 1, take to clearing goods to self-service checkout, aim the commodity bar code bar code machine of mouth sweep the yard; 2, goods finished cleaning will hear drops to a ring, self-service register screen will display name of commodity, quantity, price; 3, choose the check-out when confirmed the mode of payment, mobile phone open WeChat or alipay 【 Receiving. , alignment and yards, it can automatic deduction; 4, click finish will be displayed after we settle payment success, take out shopping small notes, the security of your departure, Have another sent staff checked at the door, pay + did commodity escaped single) ; Self-service register for businesses to reduce spending on Labour costs and can improve the efficiency of cashier in the supermarket. To the convenience store operation better, self-help cashier is indispensable.
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