Self-service machines are generally has what function?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-25
Self-service ticket machine is usually controlled by microcomputer, it has powerful functions, set up flexible and the advantages of high stability, and so on, is now whether the station ticket or scenic spot tickets, etc. , we can see the figure of self-service ticket machine. So it is easy to find, its application field is very broad. To this, then to explore the self-service ticket machine is generally with all the specific have what function. 1. Generally speaking, the self-service ticket machine is without the ticket personnel to intervene, it can automatically identify us into COINS. 2. It can automatic accounting ticket price, and users need to input amount, and can automatically according to the amount of coin change. 3. In addition, self-service ticket machine also can automatically generate reports, in addition, while no one was the ticket to display profile information. 4. If there is a change in the machine have no change, no card or the card machine, general will automatically alarm. 5. Users by brush card, enter the password and amount, need to buy tickets for unionpay card input after operation for himself. Above is about self-service ticket machine generally has the function of the introduction, hope everyone in, can have a new knowledge and understanding. As we all know, today's society is a information society, people's pace of life, and so on are also soon, so you need to the automation equipment such as kiosks expends machine and so on to convenient our daily life. In addition, if you want to know more about self-service terminals and other relevant information or requirements, welcome to call the hotline of information technology, or to its website for further consultation and understanding.
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