Self-service order function promote restaurant service quality

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
When it comes to food you mind out of the various delicacies, every weekend comes, with friends or girlfriends to meal is how happy ah. But every weekend, the restaurant is always full, looking at that stood in long lines, which have the strength to line up. At this time I really realized that the role of self-help order machine, customers not only don't have to queue, can also order, very convenient for customers dining. Restaurants have self-help order machine, customers simply by self-help order on the choice of their favorite dishes, with WeChat or pay treasure payment, self-help order machine will automatically credentials, print to receive a free meal at the same time inform the automatic catering kitchen, client credentials with to receive a free meal, can to the counter to receive a free meal is very convenient. Not only can save the check-out time, still can greatly improve the operating efficiency of the restaurant, increase of the turnover of the restaurant, get the user's consistent high praise. Today's customers, enjoy not only when the meal is delicious food, enjoy the more is the restaurant's service quality and efficiency, and self service order machine can not only give customers good dining experience, also can give customers to build a good dining environment.
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