Self-service order machine build new dining times

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-29
A lot of restaurants, each meal to the peak, restaurant rendering picture is as busy as a bee. Traditional way of order to make every attendant needs to help customers order, meal, invoicing and other complicated operations, led to the waiter's working pressure, in turn, affects the working efficiency, can be said to be completely couldn't keep up with the rhythm of the 'rush hour'. The situation continues, not only to cause a decline in the quality of service of the restaurant, can also lead to loss of customers. With the deepening of the ordering system, a lot of stores have self-help order machine, which not only shortens the time of customer order placing at the same time improve the efficiency of the restaurant. After a self-help order machine, customers don't have to call the waiter order, first order but go to the self-service machine before placing order. When customers touch touch screen to enter menu page, all items with pictures, dishes, description, food price, discount promotions, food information be clear at a glance. Of course, customers can also according to your own taste order, order WeChat/pay treasure to pay can, behind is easily wait for food on the table. Customers use order to submit an order, the printer will receive the order of the kitchen, including: details of the items, the number of meals, ramadhin and customer remarks and a series of detailed information. Orders will greatly reduce human order wrong single and leakage. Using self-service order machine, let the order payment order to print orders, serving and the process becomes simple and efficient. To improve the customer's dining experience for restaurant saves manpower cost, improved the operation efficiency of management of the restaurant, it is the consumer of self service order machine. order machine is an optimization services for catering industry experience and cost-saving new intelligent machines. The emergence of self-help order machine will make traditional catering combined with intelligent catering, build a new dining time more intelligent.
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