Self-service register for retail open up new sales channels

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
Self-service system can be achieved in self-service on the cash register, self-service register has the function of mobile payment, it USES embedded barcode scanners, docking background shopping system and mobile payment system. When the goods passed the scanner to scan barcode, because the scanner has bar code identification, acquisition, data transmission characteristics, scanner and docking background of the shopping system open the mobile payment system, when consumers open WeChat or pay treasure payment code completion settlement, the whole process simple and quick operation, basic need not wait queues. In the development of the retail industry mature now, consumers shopping experience more and more attention, and the wave action is greatly satisfy the needs of the consumers, for businesses, this is the successful marketing. Self-service system of mobile payment can also be through and member management system, customer membership stores directly by mobile payment payment, the system automatically put the customers into the store again member management system. For example, consumers pay complete, focus on business WeChat public number automatically. Businesses can through regular preferential nudges, CARDS and stamps ( Vouchers, coupons) Directional distribution way, let consumers have a better understanding on businesses, provide businesses with again the opportunity to reach consumers. System brings the convenient way of self service and new membership model for offline retailing to develop another sales channel. Self-service checkout system to try new Internet business philosophy, innovation stores operating management style, simple and efficient way to gain the consumer's consistent high praise, let consumer experience get satisfy demand.
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