Self-service register, let your shopping more convenient

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-25
Now the supermarket is becoming more and more convenient, all kinds of goods category has a very good, let everybody can have a better shopping experience. But when there are a lot of people, everyone will face a 'shopping for 5 minutes, check out 2 hours' phenomenon. At this time, the appearance of the self-service register is very timely, let you shopping more convenient. Self-service register in our supermarket's role is to help you to speed up the settlement, greatly reduce the time of the cashier line. Self-service register of low cost, is far less than the cost of the artificial. So it is suitable for traffic more supermarkets, can decorate a few self-service register to meet daily cashier settlement. Decorate in the many supermarket settlement region has now self-service register, when there are a lot of people can have the effect of shunt, accelerate the settlement efficiency, improve customer experience. is self-service in the whole process of the cash register, only need customer bar code scanning, self service cashier opportunity automatic identification information of the product. After the scan. Customers click on the choice of payment, including payment code, code, face payment and so on. Customers choose to end, can pay, after receiving the information self-help cashier opportunity to send the payment information system, print invoices. Self-service register efficiency, in the long run is relatively high, low cost, long working hours. These congenital advantage can help us at the time of shopping more convenient, rapid completion settlement, say goodbye to the long time.
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