Self-service terminal equipment may bring security hidden danger

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-31
With constantly improve the level of informationization, self-service terminal equipment has been widely used in the enterprise, the business level also brought great potential safety hazard. Of the following is a self-service terminal equipment may lead to a few big safety problems: 1, this is a relatively new field, so far without a lot of perfect laws and regulations, many of the safety technology is not mature and standardized, lead to don't formulate reasonable safety strategy and ensure that this strategy can be effective implementation. 2, improper use, in the process of data transmission without due protection measures are taken, led to the illegal attacker sends information to listen to intercept. 3, no data in the equipment take adequate protection measures, the data is likely to be under the condition of the users know nothing stolen. 4, perception of the network is limited, in the process of hardware and software design, hard to avoid leaving technical defects, which can cause the enterprise information safety hidden trouble, now the hacker's attack is not to destroy the underlying system, but to the invasion of application, steal data, with a clear commercial purpose, many hackers is through the computer operating system vulnerabilities and backdoor into the enterprise information system.
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