Self-service terminal how to use

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
Self-service terminals, in fact, has always been a very good product, can effectively enhance the efficiency of the people, so for this kind of product, should be how to use? In order to let everyone have a better knowledge and understanding of the LIEN, the author will introduce to you about. Generally, for kiosks, this kind of product, to better promote its use effect, the first is to be targeted to understand product, because only in the understanding of the product has comprehensive and fully familiar with to clear the role, function, operation method and related knowledge, and it can happen to the product itself has the very good understanding can be familiar with using only method. , of course, from the simple, use the self-service terminal is the most critical is divided into several important steps, one is to be installed, put more equipment in the related position and connected to the power supply, and thereafter it is effective to repair, to ensure normal function of related equipment; Second, must carry on the operation keys of setting function, so as to ensure its completeness. And, of course, the product of information technology will provide a guide operation, in the related instruction under the guidance of the use of this service system is not difficult, as long as their business into the self-help can start handling system for equipment operation. So the use of the self-service terminal method from a macro point of view is actually can be divided into these aspects, and it also can comply with the general requirements of people, and products manufacturing by LIEN, functional diversity, is very good, if you need to have a self-service terminal and can be used to understand contact information technology related department and we will serve you by heart.
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