Self-service terminal matters needing attention and the daily maintenance of self-service terminals

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-24
With the continuous development of science and technology, the application of the automation products on the market in people around more and more, self-service terminals is one of them. At present, lots of places to see in the field of many self-service terminals, the place of the most common are: Banks, railway stations, airports, hospitals, shopping malls and other places are better than one, the biggest advantage of self-service terminal is able to work, and the work time is very long, in general, it can be operation (365 * 24 hours In the case of ruled out self-service terminal is out of order) 。 Here, the author give you simple analysis some matters needing attention: when choosing self-service terminals. 1, the types of products: self-service terminal equipment manufacturers can provide a variety of function models of self-service terminals. The more that manufacturers the powerful model type. 2, the strength of the manufacturers, mainly includes: is there a product patent certificate, how much is the registered capital of self-service terminals manufacturers; If there is a long self-service terminals development; If there is a self-service terminal development, testing, manufacturing, maintenance of related departments and so on. 3, after-sales service: self-service terminals manufacturers have a comprehensive service system. At the same time, it remains to be seen whether it can ensure that a failure occurs in self-service terminal and can get repair or replacement at the fastest speed, let the buyer satisfaction. With the continuous development of terminal technology, self-service terminals is finding wider and wider application fields of intelligent products, at present, the application of the self-service terminal mainly concentrated in the bank hall, shopping malls, subway station, train station, bus station and so on were relatively large. In order to be able to make a long-term normal operation of self-service terminal we need in their daily use of self-service terminal some necessary routine maintenance, so as to increase the service life of self-service terminals. 1, to ensure that the self-service terminals of the work environment is good, appropriate to such as environmental temperature, humidity, and try to reduce environmental dust, on a regular basis to clean the machine. 2,, clean self-service terminals before shutdown, and unplug the power plug. Be especially careful when cleaning the screen: do not use alcohol, solution or hispid, more do not let liquid flow into the machine. 3, self-service terminals of magnetic card machine everyday use also pay attention to the dust, clean regularly. When there is a magnetic card machine card read not sensitive, can be used to clean card clean magnetic card read/write head. When there is card card machine protection don't open the door, should clean up magnetic detection head on plug bayonet. When there is a on the card or card is not smooth, should be clean card machine pressure wheel, wheel can use tools to press card on dirt removal, and use alcohol to wipe clean. At the same time can check whether the card machine belt tension, if the belt is very loose, should be replaced. Shenzhen information technology co. , LTD. Is a self-service terminal design and manufacturers, is also a walk in the forefront of self-service terminal reform company of globalization. For our customers in more than 30 countries around the world to design and develop a wide range of high quality self-service terminal solution, promoted the self-service terminal applications in different industries. As a self-service terminal designer and manufacturer, based on the spirit of excellence to design the self-service terminals. We have many years in the industry of self-service terminals for the global customer service experience. From the start of the design, production and service areas responsible for follow-up.
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