Self-service terminals 'brush face into ascension hotel core competitiveness

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
Along with the rapid development of modern society for, the hotel industry is rapidly increased, people demand for hotel service is becoming more and more big, whether on business travel, or travel travel personnel, all need to stay in a hotel. Leading to the hotel in the increasingly fierce competition, want to stand out, not only need strong in hardware aspect, also need to work from the aspects of service, a good experience for users. Is a good experience, from the details. When the arrival of the peak season, the occupancy rate is high, many hotels will appear queuing check-in, and the customer's privacy is more easy to expose, only these two points, will bring very bad experience to the user. In order to solve this problem, the hotel kiosks, help the hotel has a stronger core competitiveness. Hotel self-help terminal can realize 'brush face in'. Immediately after guests by brush face scanning identification, the system automatically upload information to the public security system, less than a minute to complete the whole process, but also can better safeguard the privacy and security of the guest information. Hotel self-help terminal is also able to free and paid, like brush calorie of consumption and convenient quickly. On the contrary, the traditional way of check-in need manual registration audit, slower, the whole process will take at least three minutes. If there are any travel season or large traffic still have to wait in line, the time needed for longer, as for free and pay that is less likely. Less than a minute to complete the entire operating process, of course, it's the same in return a house, can check-out process simple operation, the hotel perfectly compatible with tax invoice self-service terminals at the same time, the guests can in self-service terminals on the print special invoices for value-added tax or VAT invoice, all the process can be completed quickly by oneself, the operation is simple, quick and easy, for hotel, is not only save the front desk personnel costs, but also enhance the hotel competition strength. For customers, both to protect the privacy of customers, and improve the efficiency to handle the guest check in time. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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