Self-service terminals, make life more convenient!

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-23
Self-service terminals, make life more convenient! Self-service terminals through the film, such as text, images, multimedia database form interactive environment, which specially used to store information and provide all kinds of information query, print and pay cost, and product sale service function of electronic information equipment. With the development of the era, self-service equipment in the application of life has been more and more widely. Self-service terminal is a 24-hour self-service system design idea, can alleviate the traditional puts forward the problems of the traffic was too large to avoid customers in the business hall to deal with troubles of the business, to make customers feel easy, convenient and considerate service. Currently has been widely used in telecommunications, financial, medical, airports, industry and commerce, taxation, etc. Smart technology to enter the airport and other daily scene is no longer new, such as self-service terminals, monitoring systems, face recognition and other high-tech, and self-service terminals at security detection can remain above 95%, the accuracy of detection will present a virtual characters on the screen, if you are testing personnel with carrying contraband, regions of the doll will make identification. Self-service terminals, as it were, greatly reduce the burden of the staff is convenient and efficient operation of the entire airport is critical. Self-service terminals on the health care can register self service, self service pay cost, self-help print inspection report, self-service query and so on, to optimize the process and the function layout, therefore, like registration, fees, DaoYi service station, blood tests, automatic window window and take medicine pills, district and so on all can be used on-site medical self-service terminals, self-service terminals can effectively reduce the cost of hospital services at the same time. In the communications industry self-service terminal users can input terminal number, self-service can be made to deal with mobile phone stopped ( After) Machine, as bills query print, payment, invoice printing, caller id, GPRS and other basic business park is dealt with; Can also buy mobile phone card, password top-up slip. Through value-added development, also can form a complete set of equipment purchase for their goods and other value-added services. Bank self-help terminal function can cash deposit and withdrawal, balance inquiries, or bank transfer, the basic function such as change the password; Also provide certificate such as printing, envelopes, print statements, a checking account deposits, capture expends, prepaid phone, and a series of convenient services. Need only through the self-service terminal machine machine can complete the relevant business, no other workers in operation, the equipment have save personnel expenses, reduce the operating cost.
One increasingly popular managerial tactic to improve problem-solving performance of self service kiosk is to increase the connectedness, or what academics call clustering, of the organization
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