Self-service ticket machine contains some features

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-25
Self-service ticket machine is a kind of can buy a ticket, the ticket of a machine. We can often be at the station, subway station, tourist attractions, cinemas, and so on some need to collect the tickets or ticket to see them stand. Had the self-service ticket machine, friends can save the trouble of long queues, save a lot of time. So in the daily life of common self-service ticket machine has what function? I don't know friends together with information technology. 1, cash identifier to buy tickets for the user through the cash into the self-service ticket machine identifier can purchase tickets for the user, after identification of identifiable RMB 100, 50, 20, 10, 5 yuan note. 2, the basic information and data query terminal provides perfect transportation pipe route information, business information and so on, the contents of the user can freely choose the required information. 3, bank card to buy tickets for the user by brush card, enter the password and amount, need to buy the tickets for himself for unionpay card input after operation. To sum up, the above three points is the self-service ticket machine contains some of the major functions. In addition to these, at the station, subway station automatic machine Lord interface also shows some of the city's tourist attractions, subway line is introduced, and so on, friend in need can be filmed using a mobile phone for a rainy day. For friend to go to the strange city tourism, this information is a big help. Kiosks payment machine is also belongs to a kind of self-service ticket machine, is often used in hospitals and other places. Believe in the near future, the information technology of the development of the self-service ticketing opportunity more and more good, to bring us more convenient.
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