Self-service ticket sales and taking function is very powerful

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-30
As people living standard rise, spawned a convenient ticket network to buy tickets. Purchase tickets online, using qr code and verification code automatically collect the tickets, not only saved the time collect the tickets, also improve the efficiency of the ticket, great place to show the life of people. At present, in the cinema and the station has everywhere self-service ticket machine, network after the ticket with self-service sale ticket machine collect the tickets is slowly become part of people viewing, in playing an increasingly important role in people's life, therefore, self-help sell the ticket machine has become a part of improving the quality of life. to sell the tickets function realization of unionpay, pay treasure, WeChat pay ticket; to sell the ticket machine at the same time can use qr code, verification code, phone number, the membership card to collect the tickets. Self-service ticket sales and taking the background to monitor equipment usage; sold the ticket machine can print theater tickets, trading certificate; Sweep the qr code, self-help sold the ticket machine can generate mobile verification code to confirm the payment. Self-service ticket sales and taking such a powerful function will inevitably bring great benefit to the use place, but also because of self service sell the ticket machine belong to high-tech electronic products, high-end atmosphere, powerful, cinema and the station use self-help after sell the ticket machine is bound to improve its image.
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