Self-service ticket vending machine to facilitate your trip

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-22
Now society advocates green travel, so subways and buses have become our main means of transportation. When it comes to transportation, we have to talk about subways first. The existence of the subway has brought great convenience to our daily work and travel, and the self-service ticket vending machine has also become an indispensable equipment in the subway station, which also provides help for people's travel. Picture: Why should the self-service ticket vending machine appreciate the self-service ticket vending machine? The reason is that it replaces manual ticket sales and reduces the work pressure of staff. Not only that, it can be used for daily use only by providing electricity, and there is no need to do other ancillary work. It is also a major feature of providing services to passengers 24 hours a day. There is still a gap between humans and it in this respect. ; In addition, it looks very stylish, because the shell is made of high-density metal, strong and durable, and the touchable screen also highlights that its maneuverability is very strong, so that the station manager can also There is no need to worry about what happens to the two-end machine in three days, or problems such as difficulty for passengers to learn how to operate. The failure rate of the self-service ticketing machine is very low, and it also ensures that people with lower levels of education can also use it. Therefore, its popularity is still very strong. Our travel is convenient because of its existence. stand up.
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