Self-service ticket vending machines break the traditional ticketing model

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-20
The rapid development of the Internet has indeed provided a lot of convenience for people's lives, and self-service ticket vending machines are also related to the Internet. It broke the traditional manual ticket sales model and opened up a new channel for passengers to purchase tickets. Picture: Before self-service ticket vending machines, people had to go to the station to buy tickets in advance when they traveled by train, and wait to arrive at the station again when they depart. This not only wastes time, but also has more people at the station. However, the current online ticket purchase has solved this problem for us. When we buy the tickets we need online, we only need to pick up the tickets at the station on the day of departure. But it will also cause too many people to pick up tickets, leading to long waiting times. In response to this problem, the station used a self-service ticket vending machine to become a fast channel for ticket collection. It takes no more than two minutes for each passenger to collect tickets, so there will be no crowded queues. The self-service ticket vending machine meets people's ticket collection needs, saves people's travel time, and allows more customers to enjoy fast service.
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