Self-service ticket vending machines facilitate the purchase of train tickets

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-21
Nowadays, the catering industry has risen, and the number of restaurants has increased. The increase in restaurants has increased the competitiveness of the industry. Many restaurants have spent a lot of money to hire service personnel in order to better serve customers, but they have reduced their own profit margins. At the peak of the meal, there are too many service staff or too busy, which is a very headache. Now there is a new device on the market, that is, the self-service ordering machine, which can not only serve customers better, but also save money for restaurants. Picture: After the self-service ordering machine is applied to the self-service ordering machine, guests who come to eat can directly check the price of the recipe on the device, and can complete the order by themselves and check out on the device, so that the service staff can no longer Regarding food ordering and front desk charges, there will be more time to serve customers for other things, so that the restaurant can hire fewer service staff and can also be busy to make customers more satisfied. The restaurant has peak dining hours and when there are few people. With the self-service ordering machine and a small number of service personnel, it is completely possible to get busy, avoiding many service personnel idle and having nothing to do, saving a lot of unnecessary expenses.
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