Self-service ticketing system makes subway ticket purchase more convenient

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-21
The country has also been advocating green travel, taking more buses and subways, and now the subway has become an important means of transportation for us to commute to get off work or travel. I think everyone who has taken the subway knows that there are a lot of people who take the subway, and they are all in a hurry. It has become a torment to catch up with the morning and evening rush hours to buy tickets. People who are afraid of being late and wanting to return are everywhere. There are only three or five ticket windows, long queues and slow progress. It is different now to buy tickets, because the subway ticket sales have introduced a self-service ticketing system. Figure: Using the self-service ticketing system is very different now that the subway station has a self-service ticketing system. After we arrive at the subway station, we can directly purchase tickets on the system. It is very simple to add such a device, but it is very easy to add a manual window. It is difficult to realize that with many such devices, we no longer need to queue to buy tickets, we can directly use this device to select the number of tickets, click to buy tickets, put in cash, and it can realize change and withdrawal of subway tickets Up. The use of the self-service ticketing system is also very simple. With it, it makes it more convenient for us to buy subway tickets for daily travel.
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