Self-service ticketing system terminal five functions and outdoor self-help vending machine terminal points for attention

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-23
In recent years, as people raising the level of economy, more and more people are traveling, each big scenic spot in the peak passenger flow. In order to alleviate the pressure of the scenic spot ticket, reduce time standing in line to buy tickets, improve tourist experience, a lot of scenic area scenic area automatic ticketing system be installed in terminal. Of course, also some scenic spot for a more comprehensive ticketing solution. Scenic spot terminal self-service ticketing system using Internet technology, modern information technology, cloud computing and other high and new technology, realizing the scenic spot ticket online, automation, digital management system. Self-service ticketing ticketing system for terminal window, low efficiency, queue length, high error and higher pain points marketing, cost, realize the scenic spot ticket business intelligence. The scenic spot, self-service ticketing system terminal exactly what are the functions? 1, the background set a deadline for ticket types, time and ticket information for the convenience of the scenic area management, such as self-service ticketing system terminal is divided into side and the scenic spot and visitors, managers can set the ticket information in the background of scenic spots, such as tickets, solo, group, meal ticket, timing would vote, etc. Administrators can set ticket time, such as only allowed on the day of one day in advance to purchase; Can set time limits for, such as a single time period only released 1000 tickets, stream of people in the ticket link removes restrictions to scenic spot, and link the scenic area pressure, avoid swimming play congestion, protection of scenic resources, 2, connect other electricity, OTA platform and third-party payment platform, tourism market is expanding again, but the scenic spot construction and the number increased, to seize the great business opportunities, attract more tourists, the scenic area itself is not alone. Self-service ticketing system terminal docking Meituan, road, such as where to OTA, scenic spot ticket extends the channel, also for scenic area increases the chances of promotion exposure. At the same time, to meet the demand of diverse visitors pay, such as WeChat, pay treasure or other payment methods, information technology, self-service ticketing system connects the unionpay to pay, pay for visitors to provide more choice. 3, electronic ticket vouchers, anti-counterfeiting security higher self-service ticketing system terminal does not need to print paper tickets, automatic generation of qr code or barcode, electronic ticket anti-counterfeiting higher, can reduce the scenic area for artificial ticketing problems and financial problems. Self-service ticketing system terminal adopting SaaS ( Services and software) Pattern, suppliers to set up safety control and agreement, is that any individual cannot be used on your network or computer, with more rigorous way to ensure the safety of the scenic spot data to prevent data leakage. About the ticket system security, click the ticketing system safety analysis Data leaks or data encryption can view the details. 4, replace artificial financial reconciliation, reduce the labor intensity area traffic increase, ticket number is increasing every day, brought the ticket personnel workload of financial personnel also bring reconciliation is difficult at the same time, workload big, easy to get wrong. Ticketing system will be more than docking platform, real-time statistics votes and financial situation, make the ticket data after the show, reduce the work intensity of the financial personnel zhang ping. 5, manage permissions to ensure maximum privilege in the highest levels of self-service ticketing system background includes permissions set, top administrators can be used to set the permissions for all personnel and members such as the ticketing open ticket, the ticket management open type, the number of tickets etc. Adjust the permissions etc. Permissions set for the different staff, that is convenient for relevant personnel work, and the highest authority of the system in high-level personnel, prevent others malicious tampering with the system. Scenic spot self-service ticketing system terminal in view of the scenic spot, the difficulty of the ticket, from all the aspects of ticket to the electronic, online operation, gradually shift from offline to online ticket management, staff more relaxed, tourists experience better, scenic area management more convenient. Self-service ticketing system is not only aimed at the scenic spot, amusement parks, exhibition halls, etc. Also can be used. In recent years, with the development of e-commerce, and no one new retail, self service vending machine is popular, many schools, hospitals, factories, railway stations, airports, office buildings, amusement parks, shopping malls, tourist attractions, and so on have self-help vending machine terminal. Some of these vending machine is put in the indoors, some are outdoor, no matter in where, self service vending machine terminal to place there is a requirement. First requires 220 v triangle socket with good grounding, wire current capacity not less than 5 a. vending machine room temperature when the power is very small, generally eighty watts, the load is low, but the refrigeration or heating power is likely to overland, current can be as high as 3 a, in order to have a margin of safety, not less than 5 a is more appropriate. The ground to secure solid, position is higher than surrounding. Because of self-help vending machine terminal are heavier, according to the different size has to have 200 - empty machine After about 500 kilograms, filled with drinks machine double weight again, on the ground pressure is very big, if the ground is not firm firm is likely to subsidence caused by machine tilting accident! If the ground is loose, and can consider increasing the base to reduce the pressure on the ground. Request location is slightly higher in order to prevent the heavy rain water soak into the machine, after all is electric equipment. Outdoor should have good rain unit, can be prevent canopy or artificial station equipment, such as the basic requirement is that when the heavy rain can be prevent the machine from the rain, thus increasing the service life of the machine. In the north there is a special case, winter outdoor temperature is very low, to put in the machine with heating function, or drinks will freeze. vending machine terminal as much as possible without heating function on the interior.
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