Settlement - a new way - The new retail self-service register

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
We all know that in big supermarket checkout will be much, but every time I go shopping JieZhangHui found open the cashier is not a lot, may be less than half, why is this so? Which involved a series of factors such as the human cost, if the filled the cashier personnel under the condition of being rested, the actual needs, the number of employees may be more than the actual number of counter, and due to the particularity of cashier work, cashier working strength nor has been saturated, thus greatly waste of human resources. Comprehensive above factors made its choice of supermarket, sacrifice customer experience cost savings, is also a big pain points of traditional mode of cashier. In view of the above the disadvantages of traditional mode of cashier, solve the super stores labor costs and to reduce customer wait time, in order to improve the customer satisfaction, in order to solve the traditional mode of cashier and pain points in order to cater to the Internet development trend, science and technology to launch a new model of self service cashier. New retail self-service register mainly on no supermarkets, convenience stores, such as scene, when consumers shopping settlement, self-help pay only step 2 can be completed, from a peak queue. When using the self-service register payment steps: place the goods in operation stage, commodity barcodes and decoder, commodity information, the screen open WeChat/pay treasure payment code, alignment and yards, payment can be realized. Businesses can remotely via the shopkeeper APP or PC background, can manage the goods, at the same time instant sales queries, reconciliation, and data analysis. Customers through sales ranking, turnover, customer preferences, member statistics analysis data, such as understanding of the real requirements of customers, to the goods corresponding adjustment; Business data audit be clear at a glance; Data analysis, enhance the brand value
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