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by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
With the development of science and technology, self service order machine for it to join the development of the catering industry, you will see that each food group, restaurant chains and so on all use self-service order machine. Merchants are not blindly increase the store clerk, busy peak in have dinner, the waiter order, long queues, can lead to customer experience a meal is not good, affect reduced traffic; Time flies, artificial cost is too high. order machine is very good method of intelligent order, save manpower, and also reduce the queue length. Shenzhen automatic order manufacturers, science and technology focus on the automatic order machine equipment development for many years, three major function of self-help order machine can let consumer efficient order. 1, the order interface: broadcast propaganda brand when no one touch, promotional items, special meal. 2, fast order: by classification can be quick to order; At the same time a preview on the right side dishes. After 3, consumers through order machine order, use WeChat or pay treasure to pay, after payment is desirable ticket waiting room or station to station take food. Self-service order machine order is through the self-service terminals, data transmission to the kitchen, fast order, payment, delivery, delivery process and so on each link, improve the efficiency of the store operation, the user can choose carefully the menu, the clerk don't have to wait, save time efficiency, the restaurant can reduce manpower costs, also greatly improve the canteen dining environment.
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