Shenzhen international cinema technology exhibition information achievements

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
National Day the long vacation has come to an end, throughout this year National Day, the national film at the box office 15. 800 million yuan, from 2015, a record 18. 500 million yuan at the box office to reduce about 2. 700 million yuan, decreased to 14. 6%, which will be National Day in nearly 10 years China film negative growth for the first time. And the film market in more than half a year has been tepid even a little 'cold' in contrast, in the same period of cinema merger integration practices in increasing. Because our country film several years of growth, the support of national policy, attracted a lot of investors and hot money into the film industry. To tie in with the movie industry development of our country, let investors and advanced equipment, one-stop shopping cinema - October 12 On October 14th, from 3 d film and television association, shenzhen LiHan exhibition ( Shanghai) Co. , LTD. , the '2016 shenzhen international exhibition' 3 d movie technology and facilities have been successfully concluded. Invited to participate in this time, shenzhen information technology co. LTD. , and to get good marks the end of the show. Shenzhen information technology co. , LTD is a group, a subsidiary, is a well-known Chinese intelligent self-service terminal manufacturers, information intelligent self-service terminal system is widely used in government, finance, hotel, cinema, scenic spot, the station, and other fields, the system easy to use, humanized operation, and good compatibility, feature-rich complete. The self-help information with cinema ticket sales and taking system to attend the exhibition, once appear, will attract countless visitors attention, have to come to consult, operation. The film industry is a veritable profiteering industry, hold a box-office billions of large emerge in endlessly, make many cinemas are made. And self-help information cinema ticket sales and taking system, for cinema, is the existence of mutually beneficial, according to the total site on learned, self-help information cinema ticket sales and taking system can help solve the problem of queuing to buy the ticket of cinema, as well as reduce labor costs, improve consumer viewing the user experience. The output of Chinese movies has also been maintained a rapid growth momentum, with the increase of film production and sales capacity expansion, construction also on theaters across the country. Cinema self-help sell the ticket machine system is particularly important, it is worth all the cinema owners thought. The previous hotel kiosks, rounding
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