。 Small long vacation, kiosks to help you to easily check in!

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-05
10. 1 small long vacation, we all have chosen tourist places, the annual 10. 1 small long vacation is everybody looking forward to for a long time just for a holiday, not good fun doesn't own a play? But because of too many people, led to a lot of friends in the time line for a long time in the hotel, the small long vacation, kiosks to help you to easily check in! About ten a small long holiday, many people first think of the word is rob tickets, queuing, hotel and so on, a lot of people think about come to two words 'uncomfortable', and think about really very afflictive, what was supposed to be a comfortable journey, which are lining up to, even live in a hotel, to the door to line up, tired so long, finally to the hotel, just thinking hurriedly took a good room to take a bath will lie, the result is again want to line up. Moment is broken. Information developed hotel buffet at terminal, help you to easily check in hotel. Let's look at the hotel under the function of the kiosks. Check-in function: hotel self-service terminals support check-in function independently, can use id, qr code, phone number, and the membership card for check in. Room card issuing functions: support room card distribution function, after the user good hotel related issues, kiosks will self-help issuing hotel room card. Payment functions in recent years with the development of the society, everyone with a little basic cash, basic it is online payment, hotel self-help terminal support payment: alipay, WeChat, unionpay and cash, etc. Video function: for hotel is all adopt real-name system in our country, the hotel need to determine is himself, hotel on self-service terminals with video recording, face recognition, independent acquisition check to confirm, avoid hold others identity check. Print function: hotel self-service terminals support print certificate. Self-service terminals of convenience everyone's experience, in the railway station, for example, in the absence of self-service terminal, the row of the team, but after a self-service terminals, speed, reduce the pressure of staff, and already have increased the user's experience, kill two birds with one stone of it. 10. 1 small long vacation will come, kiosks, help you all a happy National Day! Hotel kiosks fast check-in help everybody! How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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