Smart new mode - cashier - Self-service register

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
Near the Amazon's headquarters in Seattle in 2016, opened its first unmanned convenience store cashier, then three, has been named the Amazon Go. Now, the amazon, 亚马逊。 com Inc) Consider before 2021 in the United States opened 3000 Amazon Go no one store cashier. According to the author what, Amazon is no cashiers, Go shop customers to use their APP, mobile phone can choose the required goods in the revolving door scan, and then there are no lines, settlement, don't stay on the cash register before you leave. Time principle using the sensor and computer vision technology to detect goods, realize the automatic recognition, automatic clearing goods, the whole process smoothly without resistance. In fact, it is not hard to find, Amazon Go open no store cashier allows customers to experience higher intelligence, science and technology of shopping experience, also is to let customers convenient quick checkout, is more expensive, but it costs a large-scale expansion is likely to return to Amazon investment cycle. Therefore, mass or difficult to drive. Good coincidence, the emergence of new retail self-service checkout, highly intelligent, personalization into paying customers bring depth, complete self-service consumption experience. Specific functions as follows: consumers can self service pay on check function, can act as cashier role, such as: the checkout in the goods, only need to aim the commodity bar code scanning window, self service cashier can appear the screen name of commodity, unit price, quantity, price, etc. , can sweep code payment confirmed. Use convenient self-service register high effect, reduce queuing time. And reduced the long pressure of cashier to the cashier. Self-service register have docking data analysis function, can solve enters sells saves the management, statistics, remote system upgrade, the third party access and member management and marketing demand and so on each link. Merchants can login system background, management anytime, anywhere to book value, view the store business report. In the online and offline, get through the use of the membership card will achieve WeChat member and the entity's information sharing, balance of sharing. cashier retail into a new era, the cash, such as micropayments multi-channel payment mode for the customer to bring greater convenience and shopping experience; Self-service register function of self service pay for stores to improve efficiency, reduce cost, for the user to save time, reduce the line, change the traditional buy single long customer trouble.
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