Smart sideboard, provide convenience for the canteen

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-04
Along with the development of the intelligent catering, smart take food is more and more people know, so more and more food and beverage industry application in intelligent sideboards technology dropping into the restaurant, such as five fang zhai, mainly such as restaurants, today the author took everyone know about the intelligence sideboard. Jay fed take sideboard, intelligent take sideboards intelligent mobile booking order mode and intelligent combined sideboard, users can through WeChat, public order, APP order ahead of time, such as canteen equipment eat, ahead of the user to the dining room by intelligent cupboard take meal can eat, only four processes can be fast channel food. 1, the users only need to open the APP and WeChat end booking completed, dining room to kitchen printer automatically after receipt of the order, a single, catering personnel according to the receipts for catering, kitchen set meal: after 2, box to offer fly cupboard, empty container number at the screen, input number consumers take food at the same time; Shut the door cabinets, flashing lights; 3, front end your turn display: display shows consumers order number and the corresponding container number, to call take food; 4, the front-end take food: customers take out small ticket on the cabinet on the scanner, after being sweep code corresponding to the cupboard door open automatically; Customers can also be used on the small screen input corresponding to take food, cupboard door open automatically. A, replace the traditional way of meals, greatly improve the user experience delivered. Take-away member, phone call meal person no one take meal on take-away unified, the system automatically send text messages to users prompt, timely remind order user self-help meal, provide convenient take-out access services on time. And intelligent cupboard can heat preservation mode function, marki placed delivery in advance in the smart grid, order the user can according to own actual situation, arrange the meal time. Users no longer for delivery, delivery time, the company image and office management, greatly improve the user experience delivered. Second, greatly reduced the waste of manpower, the Courier work in a more efficient delivery need Courier again and make a phone call to confirm the customer information and address, but still a lot of time there will be a customer is not at home or didn't hear the phone, so it caused the waste of manpower. Now just put fast food unified company unit or a dormitory building intelligent cupboard, save time and effort. Three, to provide customers with more convenient diners need not again for miss meals member calls for annoyed, just made a reservation in your off time to take meal can take food ark, from work or school drop away and saved in the canteen queue time. Now intelligent cupboard technology is gradually mature, more and more people enjoy the convenience it offers, a small cupboard, has brought great convenience for the life. Smart take food tank by using the advanced Internet information technology and advanced service concept, to the active participation of diners to point meal, pay, take food, and even interactive, implements the intelligent canteen process perfect closed-loop, let diner in the Internet age under the new way of life, feel warm and happy. If you have smart take cupboard demand please contact shenzhen technology co. , LTD. , serve you wholeheartedly!
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